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Quick Recap

Region of Interest(ROI) trackers are used for tracking arbitrary moving objects or regions of an image. One example of this might be tracking something like a bottle, a car, a shoe or a face.

Camera Effects

When we talk about camera effects we’re referring to things like the following:

  • Auto focus on a specific subject
  • Blur or segmentation around a specific object

To achieve either of the above automatically, the camera needs a way to understand what the subject of interest is and where it is in the frame. This is exactly the kind of problem our Region Of Interest tracker is suited for.

Using our Region Of Interest tracker, a user can select a specific object they want to apply camera effects to, whether it’s auto focusing or blurring around the specific object. See the example above that automatically blurs around the tracked object.

What type of camera is this relevant to?

Ultimately any kind of digital camera whether it’s a smartphone, a DSLR, or any other digital consumer camera. These can clearly benefit from the ability to automatically focus on, blur or provide other camera effects to a tracked object.

In additional to the above, it’s also applicable to conference systems that want to focus on specific users from a wide angle view, and to gimbal style cameras that attempt to follow a specific target.

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