“OpenCV: Current Status and Future Plans,” a Presentation from OpenCV.org

Satya Mallick, Interim CEO of OpenCV.org, presents the “OpenCV: Current Status and Future Plans” tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

With over two million downloads per week, OpenCV is the most popular open source computer vision library in the world. It implements over 2500 opt- imized algorithms, works on all major operating systems, is available in multiple languages and is free for commercial use.

This talk primarily provides a technical update on OpenCV: What’s new in OpenCV 4.0? What is the Graph API? Why are we so excited about the Deep Neural Network (DNN) module in OpenCV? (Short answer: It is one of the fastest inference engines on the CPU.)

Mallick also shares plans for the future of OpenCV, including new algorithms that the organization plans to add through the Google Summer of Code this year. And he briefly shares information on the new Open Source Vision Foundation (OSVF), on OpenCV’s sister organizations, CARLA and Open3D, and on some of the initiatives planned by these organizations.

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