Horizon Journey 2 Honored with the Vision Product of the Year Award

This news post was originally published by Horizon Robotics. It is reprinted here with the permission of Horizon Robotics.

Horizon Journey ™️ 2, the automotive AI Processor developed by AI solution provider Horizon Robotics, has been honored the Vision Product of the Year Award as the Best Automotive Solution, presented by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance on June 3. This is the second year in a row that Horizon Robotics wins this coveted award.

Horizon Robotics, founded in 2015, is a pioneer and a global leader in developing software and hardware AI edge solutions, with a strategic focus on ADAS, autonomous driving and in-cabin artificial intelligence.

“Congratulations to Horizon Robotics on being selected by our panel of independent judges for Best Automotive Solution in the 2020 Vision Product of the Year awards,” said Jeff Bier, founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. “I applaud Horizon Robotics for its early recognition of the power of co-developing processors and algorithms together for deep neural network applications.”

Horizon’s Journey ™️ 2 automotive-grade AI processor, is at the core of the energy efficient, cost effective and high-performance AI inference solution offered to the smart mobility market.

Defined as a new generation of edge AI processor, Journey 2 incorporates the BPU (Brain Processing Unit), a very efficient deep learning engine. Journey 2 design followed a novel approach, where the architecture of the BPU was co-developed and co-optimized across Horizon AI processor, AI algorithms and AI toolchain. This technique resulted in a holistic AI performance optimization that goes well beyond raw engine TOPS.

Horizon Journey ™️ 2

Journey 2 delivers an optimum balance of performance, low latency, high energy efficiency and cost effectiveness to process modern AI networks used in mission critical Vision and LiDAR perception workloads, such as object detection, classification, and pixel level semantic segmentation. For example, Journey 2 enables a comprehensive 2MP front camera perception at 30frames per second, with less than 60ms latency per frame, from camera exposure to the final perception result output and under 2.5 Watts of power in typical conditions. Several Journey 2 can be designed in systems to enable 360 vision perception.

As an ideal solution, Journey 2 can meet NCAP requirements and power ADAS, AI in-cabin safety and comfort systems, as well as autonomous driving features deployed in personal vehicles, robotaxi, shuttles, trucks, or delivery robots.

Journey 2 has achieved series production on OEM vehicles this year, compliant with the AEC-Q100 grade 2 automotive quality standard.

“We are excited to win the award and communicate with partners here to keep abreast of key innovations in our rapidly moving field. Smart mobility stands at the core of our company mission towards a safer and better life, and we welcome and appreciate the trust of all our partners and customers worldwide,” said Harvey Lyu, head of business development at Horizon Robotics.

The Vision Product of the Year Awards presented by Edge AI and Vision Alliance, are evaluated by a panel of independent industry experts, and based on the criteria that includes innovation, differentiation, customer impact and market impact. The awards celebrate the innovation of the industry’s leading companies that are developing and enabling the next generation of computer vision products.

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance (https://www.edge-ai-vision.com, formerly known as the Embedded Vision Alliance) is an industry partnership of more than 100 leading companies working to accelerate the use of computer vision and edge AI technologies to solve real-world problems.

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