“Safer and More Efficient Intersections with Computer Vision,” a Presentation from Cubic | GRIDSMART

Jeff Price, Vice President and General Manager at Cubic | GRIDSMART, presents the “Safer and More Efficient Intersections with Computer Vision” tutorial at the September 2020 Embedded Vision Summit.

GRIDSMART is an edge computer vision system that uses omnidirectional imaging to detect and track objects through intersections to optimize traffic signal timing in response to traffic demands. The system comprises an IP fisheye camera mounted above the roadway, connected to an x86-based processor located in a roadside traffic cabinet. GRIDSMART is deployed in over 7,000 locations worldwide in about 1,300 communities.

In this presentation, Price describes how GRIDSMART implements some of its current capabilities using traditional computer vision and machine learning techniques. He also discusses recently developed capabilities for protecting vulnerable road users that employ deep, convolutional neural networks on the CPU using Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit. Additionally, he examines environmental requirements in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) application space as they relate to both computation and imaging, and the challenges these pose as the company looks to implement additional capabilities in the future.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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