“Improving Power Efficiency for Edge Inferencing with Memory Management Optimizations,” a Presentation from Samsung

Nathan Levy, Project Leader at Samsung, presents the “Improving Power Efficiency for Edge Inferencing with Memory Management Optimizations” tutorial at the September 2020 Embedded Vision Summit.

In the race to power efficiency for neural network processing, optimizing memory use to reduce data traffic is critical. Many processors have a small local memory (typically SRAM) used as a scratch pad which can be used to reduce the expensive data traffic to and from a big remote memory (e.g., DRAM). The specific structure of neural networks allows for advanced optimization techniques to optimize the use of the local memory.

In this presentation, Levy describes the key aspects of memory management optimization for neural networks along with the trade-offs that must be managed in light of the processor architecture and the details of the network. In addition, he shows the importance of tailoring the memory management approach to the specific network, illustrated by analysis of a case study.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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