Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — April 26, 2021 — UnitX Technologies today announced it has joined the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, a global community of technology providers, leaders and startups dedicated to advancement in AI-powered computer vision and edge technologies.

UnitX is committed to enhancing the safety & security at enterprises and government organizations by providing real-time actionable insights from drone & CCTV data through its AI-powered & edge-based video analytics platform called Vizard. Vizard is currently being used by smart cities & private compounds, construction & manufacturing sites, oil & gas facilities, and event management companies.

Founded in 2011, the Alliance now has more than 100 members that include both hardware & software providers, ranging from the well-known technology brands such as Intel, Nvidia, Arm to leading AI and computer vision startups. The ecosystem will empower UnitX to collaborate with innovators, end-product designers, and partners who use deep learning and edge computing to solve real-world problems. The collaboration will stimulate UnitX® Vizard’s technological growth and help UnitX deliver its AI expertise to newer markets.

UnitX is excited to be part of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance because we find synergy in our vision to develop technology focused on industry adoption and business impact, rather than a purely academic pursuit. We firmly believe that our team will gain much, as well as contribute tremendous value to the hands-on knowledge base, industry thought leadership, and partner network of the Alliance ecosystem. Our edge-based computer vision platform delivers a seamless experience to the end customer because it abstracts the complexities of deep learning models, edge integrations and analytics, all of which happen under-the-hood. Vizard’s core, like most modern edge-AI systems, depends on a flawless interplay between various technology components, which is possible in a collaborative ecosystem of players who work in tandem to deliver value to the end customer. We believe that the Edge AI and Vision Alliance is one such formidable ecosystem and look forward to the camaraderie and collaborations therein.”– Kiran Narayanan, CEO.

About the Alliance

Edge AI and Vision Alliance (formerly the Embedded Vision Alliance) Members are companies that supply or use technologies for edge AI or vision systems and applications. Through the Alliance, Members can leverage early insights into new markets, technologies, applications and standards; increased influence over the direction of the industry; and increased visibility to analysts and media. Also, members are eligible to participate in the prestigious Embedded Vision Summit conference, and have access to the Alliance’s Members-only educational and networking events, the Vision Industry and Technology Forums, held throughout the year.

“We are delighted to welcome UnitX Technologies as a Member of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. We share a common vision of solving real-world problems using practical, deployable, and secure computer vision solutions. Platforms like UnitX’s Vizard that simplify the development of application solutions are key to enabling the widespread use of computer vision throughout many industries.” 

 – Jeff Bier, Founder, Edge AI and Vision Alliance.

About UnitX

UnitX was born out of passion for accelerating the industry adoption of cutting-edge algorithms and technologies in artificial intelligence, high performance computing and edge computing. Vizard by UnitX is a platform for edge-based computer vision that can process multi-modal data from drones and CCTV cameras in real time to deliver insights within seconds. Vizard works seamlessly with multiple off-the-shelf drone, CCTV and VMS products. It has applications in health & safety as well as  security & surveillance verticals. Vizard’s use cases in HSE include assessment of PPE compliance, worker falls and behavior assessment. Use cases in surveillance include foreign object detection, perimeter surveillance and face recognition. UnitX is a fast growing and award winning company covered by Arabnet, Misk Global Forum, Saudi Gazette, Arabnews and more.

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