OpenCV Launches Modelplace.AI, an Innovative Marketplace for Artificial Intelligence Models

June 15, 2021–PALO ALTO, Calif.– OpenCV, a world leader in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, today announced the public launch of Modelplace.AI, a breakthrough new service for those seeking AI models and AI model creators. Modelplace provides a centralized marketplace for AI models that benefits two important groups in the AI community – AI application developers and AI model developers.

The multi-billion dollar AI industry is currently in a very fractured state. Modelplace.AI tackles some of the biggest problems in AI product development: model selection, model testing, and integration. With Modelplace, developers can test any model with their own unique data, using an innovative drag and drop testing interface which is available in any common web browser. Once a model is selected, Modelplace.AI provides a seamless way for developers to integrate the models into their applications saving them weeks of effort.

Modelplace.AI is also the new go-to destination for AI model creators. These experts in training AI models have rare skills that are in high demand, but before now did not have a way to reach large numbers of application developers or even directly monetize the models they create. Modelplace.AI provides them with that platform, providing independent validation of the quality of their models, and connects them with a large group of other developers and integrators.

A hand-picked selection of models are available on Modelplace immediately, with more to come from corporate partners and independent creators alike. These models are curated by AI industry leaders, and tested for ensured functionality, compatibility, and performance. For the first time, creators with access to unique data sets have an easy path to monetization of models derived from their data. The service has already attracted contributions from AI startups Roboflow and EdenLibrary.

“Being able to quickly test your computer vision model in production conditions is essential. This way, you can begin to identify edge cases for rapid iteration and improvement.”
Roboflow CEO Joseph Nelson

Before Modelplace, even sophisticated developers could spend hours or even days facing dependency issues or hardware incompatibility problems before seeing even a single result from their own data. Results within Modelplace are displayed within seconds, setting a new industry standard.

Model “try out” servers are spun up at need on a custom-made backend, so the service does not unnecessarily use electricity or other resources. This also makes the service fault-tolerant, scalable, and robust. This same system powers the nightly testing of the many models certified to work with the OpenCV AI Kit by Luxonis, itself the subject of a hugely successful $1.35 million dollar Kickstarter campaign last summer. Additional hardware will be certified in the future, further shortening the time to integrate for developers.

“Just as the App Store has created a new ecosystem of companies and professions around crafting high-quality apps and tools for mobile devices, so too will Modelplace.AI enable all-new ways for creators to monetize their work and expand the reach of AI within companies large and small.”
Modelplace.AI Co-founder Anna Petrovicheva

About OpenCV.AI

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