“For Vision and Edge AI, Are Today’s CPUs Really Old-School?,” a Presentation from Intel, Agent Vi and DarwinAI

Gary Brown, Director of Edge AI Marketing at Intel, AJ Frazer, Vice President of Business Development at Agent Vi, and Sheldon Fernandez, CEO at DarwinAI, co-present the “For Vision and Edge AI, Are Today’s CPUs Really Old-School?” tutorial at the May 2021 Embedded Vision Summit.

As AI applications at the edge become pervasive, there’s growing interest in deploying AI on standard hardware platforms such as general-purpose CPUs. But are CPUs sufficient? This roundtable discussion explores the question: Does AI really require GPUs and other special-purpose architectures, or can today’s standard CPUs do the job? Brown, Frazer and Fernandez look at cutting-edge applications in healthcare and video analytics to take a full-circle view of all the factors—including but not limited to performance—that impact real-world commercialization.

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