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One of the biggest threats when it comes to safety for industrial vehicles such as autonomous mobile robots and forklifts are blind spots. A well designed surround-view camera system can ensure that industrial vehicles are well-aware of their surroundings while on the move. It provides 360-degree awareness of all blind spots and helps the driver (or the automated navigation system in the case of an automated guided vehicle) better maneuver in real-time. Also, outdoor industrial vehicles and other outdoor applications such as traffic monitoring systems require dust and waterproofing in addition to having High Dynamic Range (HDR).

STURDeCAM20 from e-con Systems is an IP67 rated Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera with 15 meters coaxial cable that is perfectly suited for all these scenarios. It also has an industrial-grade CMOS sensor, backed by a well-tuned Image Signal Processor (ISP) to produce exceptional image quality.

STURDeCAM20: Key features and highlights

e-con Systems offers the IP67-rated STURDeCAM20, a robust, synchronized multi-camera solution for industrial vehicles, robots, and outdoor applications. This high-quality camera provides the perfect surround-view and monitoring, even in unpredictable outdoor lighting conditions. Some of the key features and highlights of STURDeCAM20 are:

  • Houses a Full HD camera module with an S-mount lens holder
  • Based on 1/2.7″ optical format CMOS Image sensor
  • Equipped with IP67-compliant enclosure as well as shielded coaxial cables for transmission of power and data to long distances (up to 15 meters)
  • Enables synchronous operation of multiple cameras
  • On-board ISP for excellent image quality in low-light environments
  • Comes with an IP67 M12 lens focused and glued in e-con Systems’ state of the art manufacturing facility
  • Off-the-shelf-support for NVIDIA Jetson platform and ConnectTech’s Rogue platform
  • Supported by VisAI Platform for integrating person/vehicle identification algorithms for priority warning

Want to know how you can leverage STURDeCAM20 to enhance the performance of your vision based industrial, robotic and traffic monitoring systems? Please write to e-con Systems at sales@e-consystems.com.

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