This video was originally published at Oculi’s YouTube channel. It is reprinted here with the permission of Oculi

In low light conditions, the dynamic range (the difference between the darkest and the brightest part of the subject) is quite small. On bright sunny days, the range is much higher and is often outside the range of the camera. Different cameras and sensors have different dynamic ranges. Oculi technology is unique for its ultra-wide and programmable dynamic range which is required for many computer vision applications in digital signage, gaming, interactive displays, laptops, and AR/VR, as well as IoT, Smart phone, mobility, industrial, and defense.

This video is an example of High Dynamic Range offered by the OCULI SPU™ while using it in a stereo vision setup delivering depth at >300Hz. In addition to enabling efficient 3D gesture tracking, the OCULI SPU helps solve challenges such as shiny objects, sunlight, and other lighting conditions that make current imaging sensors blind. In this demonstration, two stereo vision technologies were used. The video at the top shows the output of the depth computation based on the smart events output from two OCULI SPU’s. The video at the bottom is the output of a 3rd party stereo vision device which is designed by an industry leader. As shown, the shiny object appears overexposed in the 3rd party stereo vision device and the quality of the depth data deteriorates to the extent of not being able to track it in 3D space. However, the OCULI SPU is able to track the shiny object in 3D space with no lighting constraints.

The OCULI SPU™ is a novel vision architecture and the only Software-Defined Vision Sensor™ on a single chip capable of extracting shiny bright moving objects at super high frequency while maintaining a very low bandwidth and power. Oculi is looking to develop partnerships with OEMs and Tier 1s to incorporate the OCULI SPU in modules and end-products. If you are interested in working with Oculi technology, contact info@oculi.ai

Learn more about Oculi technology: https://www.oculi.ai/technology

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