Works with Nx Integrations Ecosystem: The What, The Why, and How to Join

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Interested in becoming a Works with Nx partner or totally new to the concept?

You’re in the right place! In this blog, we dive into the What, the Why, and the How of the Works with Nx Integrations Ecosystem.

What is the Works with Nx Integrations Ecosystem?

The Works with Nx Integrations Ecosystem is a marketplace for manufacturers, integrators, and end-users to find and promote technologies that Work with Powered by Nx products.

Why Join the Works with Nx Integrations Ecosystem?

Works with Nx partners have the opportunity to promote their products and services to Nx’s extensive channel of Powered by Nx partners and Nx Witness VMS distributors, systems integrators and end-users.

By documenting your integration on the Works with Nx Marketplace you’ll have more chances to get discovered by getting promoted on networkoptix.com and our social media channels. In short, you can expand your business and win more projects around the world by promoting your technology and how it Works with Nx.

Get Discovered.

Raise product awareness by sharing your product or service with 10,000+ end-users, integrators, distributors, and tech partners.

Grow your Business.

Win more projects with leads from the Nx Sales Team for real-world, active projects.

Get Promoted.

Nx offers Works with Nx partners a variety of promotional opportunities such as an individual Works with Nx page listed on the Nx website, promotion on Nx social media channels, and Works with Nx webinars to showcase your products capabilities.

What happens after I join the Works with Nx marketplace?

Your product will show up in the Works with Nx Integration Marketplace on Nx Cloud.

Each Works with Nx page is tailored to the featured product with an overview of the product and its functionality, how it Works with Nx, and product specifications and product photos.

Individual Works with Nx Page on networkoptix.com

Each Works with Nx page is tailored to the featured product with an overview of the product and its functionality, how it Works with Nx, and product specifications and product photos. Increase your SEO relationship to Network Optix with backlinks and more!

Social Media Promotion

New integrations are promoted on Nx social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook) via their Works with Nx page and/or Works with Nx webinar.

You’ll get to do a Works with Nx Webinar with our Product Marketing Team!

As a Works with Nx partner, you have the opportunity to showcase your integration to the Powered by Nx channel in a Works with Nx Webinar, which will be uploaded to the Nx Youtube Channel.

A Works with Nx Webinar is a 60 – 90 minute live webinar that is hosted and promoted by Nx and organized by Works with Nx partners for the purpose of demonstrating their product and how it is integrated with Nx.

Get started by signing up to do a Works with Nx webinar: Sign Up Now

How can my company join the Works with Nx Marketplace?

Develop Your Works with Nx Integration

Get started on developing your integration with Nx Developer Tools!

The Nx Server API, Video Source SDK, and Storage SDK can be accessed from the Server Web Admin. interface. The Metadata SDK can be accessed via the Nx Meta Developer Portal.

  1. Access the Nx Server Web Page by right-clicking on the Server in your Desktop client and selecting Server Web Page.
  2. In the Server Web Page interface click on the For Developers tab to access the API and SDKs.
  3. Download the Metadata SDK for the platform of your choice from the Nx Meta Dev Portal in Downloads. Create an account at the Nx Meta Developer Portal.

Submit Your Integration to Nx

  1. Create an account at My Nx
  2. Login and click Submit a New Integration
  3. Fill out the submission form and submit! Make sure to include a demo video, screenshots, set up instructions, and contact info for your support / sales team.

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