“High-Efficiency Edge Vision Processing Based on Dynamically Reconfigurable TPU Technology,” a Presentation from Flex Logix

Cheng Wang, Senior Vice President and Co-founder of Flex Logix, presents the “High-Efficiency Edge Vision Processing Based on Dynamically Reconfigurable TPU Technology” tutorial at the May 2022 Embedded Vision Summit.

To achieve high accuracy, edge computer vision requires teraops of processing to be executed in fractions of a second. Additionally, edge systems are constrained in terms of power and cost. This talk presents and demonstrates the novel dynamic TPU array architecture of Flex Logix’s InferX X1 accelerators and contrasts it to current GPU, TPU and other approaches to delivering the teraops computing required by edge vision inferencing.

Wang compares latency, throughput, memory utilization, power dissipation and overall solution cost. He also shows how existing trained models can be easily ported to run on the InferX X1 accelerator.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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