“The Future of AI is Here Today: Deep Dive into Qualcomm’s On-Device AI Offerings,” a Presentation from Qualcomm

Vinesh Sukumar, Senior Director and Head of AI/ML Product Management at Qualcomm, presents the “Future of AI is Here Today: Deep Dive into Qualcomm’s On-Device AI Offerings” tutorial at the May 2022 Embedded Vision Summit.

As a leader in on-device AI, Qualcomm is in a unique position to deliver optimized and now personalized AI experiences to consumers, made possible via innovation in hardware technology and investment across the entire software stack. This investment is now deeply rooted in all of our product offerings, spread across multiple verticals from mobile to automotive.

In this talk, Sukumar explores the high-performance, low-power Hexagon processor — the core of his company’s latest 7th Generation AI Engine — and shows how the company scales it across the range of products that Qualcomm offers. He also highlights Qualcomm’s investment in advanced techniques such as the latest quantization approaches and neural architecture search to accelerate AI deployment. Finally, he shares details on how his company incorporates these technologies into AI solutions that power Qualcomm’s vision of on-device AI — and shows how these solutions are employed in real-world use cases across many verticals.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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