“Enable Spatial Understanding for Embedded/Edge Devices with DepthAI,” a Presentation from Luxonis

Erik Kokalj, Director of Applications Engineering at Luxonis, presents the “Enable Spatial Understanding for Embedded/Edge Devices with DepthAI” tutorial at the May 2022 Embedded Vision Summit.

Many systems need to understand not only what objects are nearby, but also where those objects are in the physical world. This is “spatial AI”. In this talk, Kokalj shows how you can easily integrate spatial AI into your embedded devices using the Luxonis DepthAI platform and OAK cameras. DepthAI is Luxonis’ spatial AI software stack. DepthAI utilizes and supports Luxonis’ OAK cameras and OAK system-on-module, which provide 4 TOPS of processing power, support 4K video encoding, and run object tracking, AI models, CV functions and stereo depth perception—all in real-time.

Kokalj introduces the components of DepthAI, including firmware, APIs, example applications, model zoo and SDK. He also shows how DepthAI integrates with popular operating systems and engines such as Android, ROS and Unity. Most importantly, he shows how you can combine DepthAI with the OAK camera and system-on-module to quickly incorporate spatial AI into your product.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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