We’re happy to report that Quividi adopted our people detection solution for its audience measurement platform. Quividi is a world leader in the domain of measuring audiences for digital displays and retail media. They have over 600 customers analyzing billions of shoppers every month, across tens of thousands of screens.

Quividi’s platform measures consumer engagement in all types of venues, outside, inside, and in-store. Shopping malls, vending machines, bus stops, kiosks, digital merchandising displays and retail media screens measure audience impressions, enabling monetization of the screens and leveraging shopper engagement data to drive sales up. The camera-based people detection is fully anonymous and compliant with privacy laws, since no images are recorded or transmitted.

With the integration of Plumerai’s people detection, Quividi expands the range of its platform capabilities, since our tiny and fast AI software runs seamlessly on any Arm Cortex-A processor, instead of on costly and power-hungry hardware. Building a tiny and accurate people detection solution takes time: we collect and curate our own data, design and train our own model architectures with over 30 million images, and then run them on off-the-shelf Arm CPUs using our world’s fastest inference engine software.

Besides measuring audiences, people detection can really enhance the user experience in many other markets: tiny smart cameras that alert you when there is someone in your backyard, webcams that ensure you’re always optimally in view, or air conditioners and smart lights that turn off automatically when you leave the room are just a few examples.

More information on our people detection can be found here.

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Marco Jacobs
Head of Product Marketing, Plumerai

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