STMicroelectronics Demonstration of a Power-efficient Wireless Link with the ST60 RF Transceiver

Stephane Pautou, Product Marketing Manager at STMicroelectronics, demonstrates the company’s latest edge AI and vision technologies and products at the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit. Specifically, Pautou demonstrates the ST60 RF transceiver for the 60 GHz band which provides a very power-efficient wireless link with a high data rate, eliminating the need for physical cables and connectors for short range (a few centimeters), point-to-point communications.

ST60 offers best-in-class wireless performance with transfer speeds up to 6.25 Gbps along with very low power consumption. And ST60’s unmatched efficiency, very small form factor and innovative architecture for an optimized bill of materials, make it ideally suited for a wide range of applications in personal electronics, industrial applications, computers and peripherals.

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