News Highlights

  • Arm continues to raise the bar on performance across the Android ecosystem with the industry’s first adoption of Arm 2022 Total Compute Solutions

  • Arm Immortalis-G715 with hardware-based ray tracing support will deliver ultra-realistic graphics for advanced mobile gaming

  • Arm Cortex-X3 provides the compute foundation to deliver flagship performance with intelligent power efficiency for next-generation smartphones

Over the past decade, Arm and its partners have significantly improved smartphone computing performance, delivering new capabilities and dramatically improving immersive visual experiences. We can enjoy enhanced mobile experiences with our friends, family and colleagues no matter where they are in the world. It’s the epitome of life in 3D, in real-time and it’s all in the palm of your hand.

The launch of Arm’s 2022 Total Compute Solutions (TCS22) – which included Arm’s first ever flagship GPU, Immortalis-G715, and the new Cortex-X3 CPU – marked the delivery of the most power-efficient premium mobile experience and enabled the software ecosystem to deliver next-level visuals and longer game play. With the announcement of MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 SoC, we’re marking another significant milestone with the first implementation of the full Arm TCS22 on TSMC 4nm. Further, it highlights MediaTek’s dual commitment to incredible performance and intelligent, power efficient design for the next generation of smartphones built on Dimensity 9200.

The Immortalis game-changer

With Immortalis being the first Arm-based GPU to offer hardware-based ray tracing support, the Dimensity 9200 brings this feature to life by delivering ultra-realistic graphics in every frame. Immortalis-G715 is MediaTek’s most powerful GPU implementation to date, supporting a 32 percent GPU performance uplift compared with the previous generation GPU in the Dimensity 9000. This means more immersive, advanced gaming on mobile, with gaming being the defining visual experience on premium smartphones.

Dimensity 9200 also includes variable rate shading, a graphics feature available across all of Arm’s latest GPUs. Variable rate shading concentrates the GPU’s compute power on the parts of a gaming scene that really matter to deliver power savings and a further performance boost for more game time ‘on-the-go.’

Real-world performance boost with second-generation Armv9 CPUs

The 8-core Dimensity 9200 offers scalable performance and efficiency with the latest Cortex CPUs based on the Armv9 architecture. Arm’s commitment to highest single-core peak performance is delivered with the newest Cortex-X3 while balancing sustained performance and efficiency with Cortex-A715 and Cortex-A510. All of this combines for a more powerful configuration that will deliver notably enhanced real-world user experiences and longer battery life.

Defining new mobile and visual experiences

With the industry’s first implementation of our 2022 Total Compute Solutions, Arm continues to define the performance boundary in the Android ecosystem and Dimensity 9200 is designed to push the real-world user experience on flagship smartphones to the next level. Now, you can expect game play on your smartphone to last longer and be more immersive and realistic than ever.

We are excited to see how MediaTek’s new Dimensity 9200 platform will enable OEMs to shape the visual experiences of tomorrow, built on Arm.

Chris Bergey
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Client Line of Business, Arm

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