EYYES Demonstration of AI Technologies for a Safer World

Dr. Wolfgang Domann, Managing Director, and Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Traxler, CEO, both of EYYES GmbH, demonstrate the company’s latest edge AI and vision technologies and products at the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit. Specifically, Domann and Traxler demonstrate the company’s product range.

EYYES provides a full stack of technology to create complete AI products and solutions. The technology is used to provide applications for all kind of driving assistance in the automotive and rail industries as well as quality inspection solutions in the manufacturing industry. The company provides the following layers in its technology stack:

  • Development and training of CNNs and AI algorithms, including CNN optimization and automatic data annotation services
  • EYYES Net as a pretrained CNN for traffic and quality use cases
  • A software framework with reusable C++ modules to compose every use case and application with low development efforts
  • An AI accelerator with hardware box/system on module for high performance AI processing on the edge

EYYES’ clients can choose which layer from the company’s technology they need for their products. Software and EYYES Net can be used for any kind of hardware platform.

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