Shashi Chilappagari, Co-Founder and Chief Architect at DeGirum, demonstrates the company’s latest edge AI and vision technologies and products at the September 2022 Edge AI and Vision Innovation Forum. Specifically, Chilappagari demonstrates the company’s DeLight platform, which provides cloud access to edge AI hardware to accelerate application development.

DeLight enables developers to prototype AI applications in the cloud, prior to setting up hardware locally. Developers can access AI servers equipped with ORCA, DeGirum’s AI hardware accelerator, hosted in the DeGirum Cloud Device Farm. Once the application is developed, they can purchase the required hardware and deploy their applications at the edge by changing only one line in the code.

This demonstration shows example applications running on hardware in the cloud and the same applications running locally. The applications showcase the ease of use of DeGirum’s software as well as highlighting the strength of the company’s accelerator. One demonstration shows how two applications using two different networks run at the same time. Another shows how the output of one model can be used as input to the next model. These applications illustrate ORCA’s strength in model multiplexing.

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