BrainChip and Teksun Demonstrate Rapid Adoption of AI Solutions at Embedded Vision Summit

Laguna Hills, Calif. – May 16, 2023 BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN, OTCQX: BRCHF, ADR: BCHPY), the world’s first commercial producer of ultra-low power, fully digital, event-based, neuromorphic AI IP, will demonstrate an accelerated prototype in partnership with Teksun in Booth No. 517 at the Embedded Vision Summit in the Santa Clara Convention Center May 22-24.

Teksun Inc focuses on end-to-end IoT, AI/ML product design and development, enabling differentiated intelligent solutions like driver monitoring applications, object detection with occupancy detection and gesture gamification, radar-based HR and SPO2 detection, Fall detection, and many more. Also, Teksun provides Product Engineering Services, and Electronics manufacturing for Health Care, Automotive, Security and Surveillance, Industry 4.0, Wearables and Consumer Electronics.

As part of their collaboration, the companies have focused their initial efforts on driver monitoring applications, face detection with occupancy detection and gesture gamification.

“We realized very early on in our partnership the advantages of BrainChip’s Neuromorphic architecture and its efficient performance with low power consumption,” said Brijesh Kamani – Founder & CEO of Teksun. “But apart from these capabilities which make BrainChip’s Akida critical for our current and future customers, it is the ease of adoption that enables them to move rapidly from concept to solution.”

“We are very excited about the progress we are making with Teksun in a very short amount of time,” said Rob Telson, Vice President of Ecosystems and Partnerships at BrainChip. “We look forward to supporting their future customers with the rapid adoption of BrainChip’s Akida as a key differentiator for their edge AI product offerings. The Embedded Vision Summit is the perfect venue to showcase how our joint efforts will bring tremendous advancements to the AI and ML markets.”

The Embedded Vision Summit attracts a global audience of technology professionals from companies developing computer vision and edge AI-enabled products including embedded systems, cloud solutions and mobile applications. BrainChip will have a booth at this event demonstrating the latest accomplishments with the Akida technology as well as presenting at this event.

To schedule an appointment with BrainChip or Teksun executives during the Embedded Vision Summit, interested parties are encouraged to email [email protected].

About BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN, OTCQX: BRCHF, ADR: BCHPY)

BrainChip is the worldwide leader in edge AI on-chip processing and learning. The company’s first-to-market, fully digital, event-based AI processor, Akida™, uses neuromorphic principles to mimic the human brain, analyzing only essential sensor inputs at the point of acquisition, processing data with unparalleled efficiency, precision, and economy of energy. Akida uniquely enables edge learning local to the chip, independent of the cloud, dramatically reducing latency while improving privacy and data security. Akida Neural processor IP, which can be integrated into SoCs on any process technology, has shown substantial benefits on today’s workloads and networks, and offers a platform for developers to create, tune and run their models using standard AI workflows like Tensorflow/Keras. In enabling effective edge compute to be universally deployable across real world applications such as connected cars, consumer electronics, and industrial IoT, BrainChip is proving that on-chip AI, close to the sensor, is the future, for its customers’ products, as well as the planet. Explore the benefits of Essential AI at www.brainchip.com.

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