The Future of AI is Hybrid: How On-device AI Leadership, Global Scale and Ecosystem Enablement are Making Hybrid AI a Reality

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Qualcomm’s AI investments are key to the global adoption of generative AI: Here’s why

As our previous post and whitepaper established, the future of artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be hybrid, with AI processing distributed between the cloud and devices. A hybrid AI architecture or running AI on device alone offers benefits with regards to cost, energy, performance, privacy, security and personalization at a global scale.

As the on-device AI leader, Qualcomm Technologies is uniquely positioned to scale hybrid AI with industry-leading hardware and software solutions for edge devices, spanning across billions of phones, vehicles, extended reality headsets and glasses, personal computers, the internet of things and more.

Devices powered by Snapdragon platforms can scale hybrid AI to billions of units across segments and tiers.

Leading on-device AI solutions through full-stack AI optimization

Our hardware offers industry-leading performance per watt, exemplified by our mobile solutions being approximately two times higher than the competition.

Our perpetual flywheel of innovation — due to our fundamental research and our full-stack on-device AI optimization across AI applications, models, hardware and software — keeps us at the forefront of on-device AI solutions.

Our full-stack AI research and optimization enables continuous improvement and leading power-efficient solutions.

Enabling the AI ecosystem

We strive to create AI technologies that bring positive change to society. Our vision for on-device AI is based on transparency, accountability, fairness, managing environmental impact and being human-centric.

We aim to act as a responsible steward of AI, considering the broader implications of our work and taking steps to mitigate any potential harm. Our on-device AI solutions are designed to enable enhanced privacy and security, essential to a robust and trustworthy AI ecosystem.

Qualcomm Technologies also enables developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) by focusing on ease of development and deployment across the billions of devices powered by Qualcomm and Snapdragon platforms worldwide.

Using the Qualcomm AI Stack, developers can create, optimize and deploy their AI applications on our hardware, writing once and deploying across different products and segments using our chipset solutions. With our technology leadership, global scale and ecosystem enablement, Qualcomm Technologies is making hybrid AI a reality. Read our whitepaper to learn more.

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