“A New, Open-standards-based, Open-source Programming Model for All Accelerators,” a Presentation from Codeplay Software

Charles Macfarlane, Chief Business Officer at Codeplay Software, presents the “New, Open-standards-based, Open-source Programming Model for All Accelerators” tutorial at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit.

As demand for AI grows, developers are attempting to squeeze more and more performance from accelerators. Ideally, developers would choose the accelerators best suited to their applications. Unfortunately, today many developers are locked into limited hardware choices because they use proprietary programming models like NVIDIA’s CUDA. The oneAPI project was launched to create an open specification and open-source software that enables developers to write software using standard C++ code and deploy to GPUs from multiple vendors.

OneAPI is an open-source ecosystem based on the Khronos open-standard SYCL with libraries for enabling AI and HPC applications. OneAPI-enabled software is currently deployed on numerous supercomputers, with plans to extend into other market segments. OneAPI is evolving rapidly and the whole community of hardware and software developers is invited to contribute. In this presentation, Macfarlane introduces how oneAPI enables developers to write multi-target software and highlights opportunities for developers to contribute to making oneAPI available for all accelerators.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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