“Streamlining Embedded Vision Development with Smart Vision Components,” a Presentation from Basler

Selena Schwarm, Team Lead for Global Partner Management at Basler, presents the “Streamlining Embedded Vision Development with Smart Vision Components” tutorial at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit.

The evolution of embedded vision and imaging technologies is enabling the development of powerful applications that would not have been practical previously. The possibilities seem to be endless. Yet, developing embedded vision solutions is challenging. There are many hardware and software components that must be integrated, and the associated complexity can be daunting. For example, there are many camera interfaces (MIPI, USB, LVDS), processing engines (GPU, NPU, ISP) and algorithms (image processing, classical computer vision, deep learning) to be selected, configured and integrated.

In this talk, Schwarm introduces Basler’s latest optimized software architecture, along with the company’s compatible hardware and software components, which together enable seamless development and smooth deployment of state-of-the-art, production-ready embedded vision applications.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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