“90% of Tech Start-Ups Fail. What the Other 10% Know,” a Presentation from Connected Vision Advisors

Simon Morris, Executive Advisor at Connected Vision Advisors, presents the “90% of Tech Start-Ups Fail. What Do the Other 10% Know?” tutorial at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit.

Morris is fortunate to have led three tech start-ups with three successful exits. He received a lot of advice along the way from venture investors, co-founders, colleagues, competitors, customers and other tech entrepreneurs. He has always been fascinated by the success and failure stories of businesses in general, and tech start-ups in particular. What are the common factors that lead some to succeed while most fail?

In this talk, Morris explores the most important success factors, with a focus on the last decade of computer vision and edge AI start-ups. His own experiences as well what he has learned from others suggests that the most important success factors include a very clear understanding of the target customer and market need; a clear-eyed quantification of both the value that the solution brings to customers and its differentiation vs. competitors; a robust go-to-market strategy that can achieve repeatable and scalable growth; and a strong, diverse leadership team.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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