“Generative AI: How Will It Impact Edge Applications and Machine Perception?,” An Embedded Vision Summit Expert Panel Discussion

Sally Ward-Foxton, Senior Reporter at EE Times, moderates the “Generative AI: How Will It Impact Edge Applications and Machine Perception?” Expert Panel at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit. Other panelists include Greg Kostello, CTO and Co-Founder of Huma.AI, Vivek Pradeep, Partner Research Manager at Microsoft, Steve Teig, CEO of Perceive, and Roland Memisevic, Senior Director at Qualcomm AI Research.

Seemingly overnight, ChatGPT has spurred massive interest in—and excitement around—generative AI, and has become the fastest growing application in history. How will generative AI transform how we think about AI, and how we use it? What types of commercial applications are best suited for solutions powered by today’s generative AI technology?

Will recent advances in generative AI change how we create and use discriminative AI models, like those used for machine perception? Will generative AI obviate the need for massive reservoirs of hand-labeled training data? Will it accelerate our ability to create systems that effortlessly meld multiple types of data, such as text, images and sound?

With state-of-the-art generative models exceeding 100 billion parameters, will generative models ever be suitable for deployment at the edge? If so, for what use cases? This lively and insightful panel discussion explores these and many other questions around the rapidly-evolving role of generative AI in edge and machine-perception applications.

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