“Item Recognition in Retail,” a Presentation from 7-Eleven

Sumedh Datar, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at 7-Eleven, presents the “Item Recognition in Retail” tutorial at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit.

Computer vision has vast potential in the retail space. 7-Eleven is working on fast frictionless checkout applications to better serve customers. These solutions range from faster checkout systems to fully automated cashierless stores. A key goal for such solutions is to ensure high accuracy and consistent customer experience across thousands of stores.

In this talk, Datar focuses on how his company has built scalable item recognition models and algorithms that work on tens of thousands of products. He discusses the challenges 7-Eleven faces in building practical, edge-based solutions—such as the need to recognize thousands of items with varying packaging and sizes, and the need to deploy systems on constrained hardware—and he explains the techniques his company has employed to overcome these challenges.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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