“LiDAR Technologies and Markets: What’s Changing?,” a Presentation from the Yole Group

Florian Domengie, Senior Technology and Market Analyst at Yole Intelligence (part of the Yole Group), presents the “LiDAR Technologies and Markets: What’s Changing?” tutorial at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit.

LiDAR technologies and markets are changing fast. Recent years have seen rapid innovation in many diverse types of LiDAR technologies. For example, LiDAR suppliers use a variety of different optical wavelengths, beam steering mechanisms and detector types. At the same time, with volume production of autonomous vehicles still far off in the future, many LiDAR suppliers have shifted their market focus, creating new products to tackle markets such as logistics, security and smart cities.

In this presentation, Domengie shares highlights from the Yole Group’s recent analysis of LiDAR technologies and markets. He explores market forecasts and identifies which LiDAR markets are growing fastest. He also examines which LiDAR technologies are best positioned to succeed in these high-growth markets today, and how the competitive landscape is evolving.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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