Free Webinar Explores How to Navigate Optical Image Sensor Module Complexities

On March 7, 2024 at 9 am PT (noon ET), FRAMOS’ Nathan Dinning, Director of Product Management, and Prashant Mehta, Technical Imaging Expert, will present the free hour webinar “Optimizing Camera Design for Machine Perception Via End-to-end Camera Simulation,” organized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. Here’s the description, from the event registration page:

Among the diversity of development options available in today’s computer vision industry, the decision of whether to build or buy an optical image sensor module is particularly pivotal. This webinar will discuss the challenges companies face when opting to develop their own modules, as well as alternative approaches.

Dinning and Mehta will explore common development hurdles, including the details of electrical design as characterized using the EMVA1288 standard, and focusing on implementation aspects such as dark signal non-uniformities. Also discussed in detail are other key development topics including:

  • The critical alignment of sensor and lens parameters such as chief ray angles (CRA) and the modulation transfer function (MTF),
  • The complexities involved in implementing custom image processing pipelines based on often-proprietary and closed technology foundations, and
  • The stringent requirements of module production, including statistical quality control across large unit volumes.

Not every company has the resources or expertise to tackle such intricate development. This is where companies like FRAMOS, which do the module development work on behalf of their customers, come into play. FRAMOS’ off-the-shelf, ready-to-use FSM:GO modules alleviate the challenges of do-it-yourself modules while also providing the flexibility typically associated only with custom projects. Dinning and Mehta will describe, for example, how these modules offer a range of off-the-shelf lens selections with various focus distances, combining convenience with customization. Attendees will gain insights into how FRAMOS’ solutions can streamline their computer vision system development, as well as resources for further exploration. A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation.

To register for this free webinar, please see the event page. For more information, please email [email protected].

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