Adding Vision to Your Embedded Devices? Simplify Your Imaging Journey with FRAMOS and Aetina

2nd of April, 2024 – As Elite members of the NVIDIA Partner Network and part of the NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem, FRAMOS and Aetina have combined their strengths to showcase solutions for embedded device innovators at ISC West 2024, April 9-12 at The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas.

This cooperation brings the collective benefits of FRAMOS’ FSM:GO optical sensor modules and 3D cameras and Aetina’s Jetson AI carriers to embedded device innovators who are creating solutions for the video surveillance, building access control, perimeter security, biometric-enabled security industry.

FSM:GO Optical Sensor Modules Disrupt the Conventional

At ISC West, Aetina will showcase how generative AI optimizes edge-based intelligent applications, including FRAMOS’ production-ready FSM:GO optical sensor modules. The FSM:GO is a FRAMOS engineered optical sensor module product family, built around Sony Starvis2 image sensors, seamlessly paired lenses, and precision focus options ready to GO for your specific vision application. FSM:GO optical sensor modules disrupt conventional off-the-shelf offerings by providing bespoke lens focusing tailored to your unique requirements. A variety of physical interfaces are offered, including FRAMOS’ PixelMate (60 pin), Micro Coax (50 pin – with adapter board) and FAKRA Single Coax (with GMSL adapter board). The FSM:GO product catalog features the 2MP IMX662, the 8MP IMX678, and the 12MP IMX676, each tailored to deliver optimal performance across a range of applications.

At Aetina’s Booth #33054, FRAMOS’ FSM:GO-IMX678 optical sensor module will be paired with Aetina’s Jetson AGX Orin Platform AIB-MX11/12/21/22  designed for embedded applications in smart factory, smart city, and smart transportation. As well, FRAMOS’ FSM:GO portfolio is customer-ready for prototyping mass production with Aetina’s AIB-MN42 Jetson ORIN NX carrier or AIB-SN41 Jetson ORIN NX 16GB and ORIN Nano in these challenging environments.  Aetina’s AX720 carrier for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier™ for autonomous machines and large industrial UAVs or AN810 carrier for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier™ NX for general robotics, drones, and UAVs can also be interfaced to the FRAMOS’ embedded vision sensor module ecosystem.

Industrial Depth Camera for Better Detection and Recognition

Look for FRAMOS’ D435e ruggedized depth camera in the Aetina booth at ISC West.

For applications involving as human presence detection, motion tracking, activity monitoring, smart alerts, physical access, device access, and gesture recognition, 3D imaging boosts anti-spoofing capabilities such as attempts to thwart facial recognition systems with 2D images. FRAMOS’ Industrial Depth Camera D435e is built with Intel® RealSense™ technology. The depth camera has industrial M12 ethernet and M8 power connectors and features a wide field of view for depth and RGB sensors. The FRAMOS Industrial Depth Camera D435e is ideal for OEMs and integrators who need 3D as well as 2D vision in their products and applications. The FRAMOS Industrial Depth Camera D435e is compatible with the Cross-platform SDK for Intel® RealSense™ devices, enabling multiple programming languages, wrappers, sample code and tools.

Visit Aetina booth #33054 at ISC West to learn more about current integrations and what’s to come between FRAMOS and Aetina.


FRAMOS® is the leading global expert in vision systems, dedicated to innovation and excellence in enabling devices to see and think.

For more than 40 years, the company has supported clients worldwide in building pioneering vision systems, empowering breakthroughs in diverse sectors.

Throughout all phases of vision system development and deployment, companies rely on FRAMOS’ proven expertise in component selection, consulting, customization, prototyping, and mass production. Leveraging a broad portfolio of services as well as hardware and software solutions, the experts at FRAMOS are committed to delivering state-of-the-art imaging solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Thanks to its customer-centric focus and its excellence in engineering, production and supply chain management, FRAMOS has successfully established a large base of loyal customers in all major sectors and industries.

FRAMOS is a global company with over 180 employees serving the European, American, and Asia-Pacific markets. The main offices are in Germany, Canada, the USA, Italy, and Croatia, while the company also has a local presence in China and Japan.

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