Basler Presents New CXP-12 Line Scan Cameras with 8k and 16k Resolution

With the new racer 2 L 8k and 16k line scan cameras, Basler is launching the first models in its new line scan camera series. They are equipped with the latest Gpixel sensors and CXP-12 interface. In addition to the cameras, Basler offers all other important components for a line scan vision system, including lighting and lenses. This makes it possible to implement high-end applications, such as providing quality assurance in battery production.

Ahrensburg, July 02, 2024 – Basler AG is expanding its range of line scan cameras and presents the new Basler racer 2 L as a monochrome version with a CXP-12 interface at an excellent price/performance ratio. Thanks to state-of-the-art Gpixel sensors, this camera offers resolutions of 8k or 16k with line rates of up to 200 kHz. With Basler frame grabbers and the VisualApplets software for FPGA programming, a solution for pre-processing is available that significantly reduces the CPU load in the application. In addition, all other necessary components for a CXP-12 line scan image processing system are available from Basler as a single source provider, including lighting, lenses, cables, and cooling solutions. This comprehensive and extensively tested range enables simple integration and maximum compatibility at a comparatively low cost – a clear advantage for many high-performance image processing applications.

Predestined application area: line scan cameras for battery inspection

Battery production is a rapidly growing market. Ensuring excellent quality of the layer surrounding the surface of battery electrodes is essential for the optimal functioning of the battery. In order to reliably identify even the smallest defects on the electrodes with a machine vision system during production, the camera used must be sufficiently powerful. But accuracy is not the only important criterion: a high line frequency is required to keep up with the speed of the production systems. Basler’s racer 2 L line scan cameras meet these core requirements and therefore enable effective and fast fault detection.

Other typical application examples for these cameras can be found in the electronics sector (including wafer and PCB inspection), in the capture of barcodes in the logistics sector, in web inspection (e.g. print), and in rail inspection.

Basler AG is an international leader and experienced expert in computer vision. The company offers a broad coordinated portfolio of vision hardware and software. In addition, it enables customers to solve their vision application issues by developing customer-specific products or solutions. Founded in 1988, the Basler Group employs around 1,000 people at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, as well as other sales and development locations throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. The company invests significant resources in the development of innovative, reliable products with an excellent price/performance ratio. Thanks to its global sales and service organization, as well as cooperation with renowned partners, Basler has been delivering solutions to customers from a wide range of industries for over 30 years.

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