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Piera Systems


Piera Systems Inc. is focused on Digital Health. Piera has developed a next-generation Intelligent Particle Sensor (IPS), the Piera-1, which uses a breakthrough approach for detecting and measuring the quantity and size of particles in any medium (initially air). Piera-1 is a cost-effective solution to detect much smaller particles (<PM0.1) with superior accuracy, and to distinguish their sizes in real-time. For the first time, taking advantage of Piera-1, applications can be developed related to air quality monitoring. The resulting data on Particulate Matter enables calculation of its mass and concentration, and the data signature can be analyzed using Machine Learning/AI to classify the components. An example is Canāree, a detector that can identify and discriminate cigarette and vape smoke, including its mass concentration, dissipation and overall air quality. When deployed in public spaces or homes, Canāree will reduce the impact of vaping and smoking affecting the public health.

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