Edge AI and Privacy

As sensors and AI proliferate in our devices and our environment, people are understandably concerned about the potential erosion of privacy. For example, there has recently been much discussion in the media about face recognition technology, and some governments have begun to regulate its use.

It may initially seem that the proliferation of sensors and AI must lead to loss of privacy. In reality, it’s possible to design intelligent, perceptive devices in ways that deliver valuable capabilities while protecting privacy. An early example of this is the Netatmo Welcome, a smart home monitoring camera that can be configured to disable video recording when familiar faces are present.

The purpose of this privacy portal is to facilitate awareness of the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of privacy, edge AI and machine perception.

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SceneTap: A Face Detection Privacy Flap

Back in September of last year, I introduced you to SceneTap, a service that uses webcams to provide a dynamically updated count of how many people are currently in a bar, restaurant, etc…along with estimates of male-to-female and age ratios, thereby implementing not only human face detection but also rudimentary face recognition (gender and age,

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Unwanted Surveillance: An Inevitable Outcome of Consumer Non-Cognizance?

Remember the Samsung image sensor-inclusive televisions that I first mentioned in early January, with a follow-up blurb last Friday? Well, thanks to a Slashdot heads-up earlier today, I've got even more to say…and it's disturbing, to say the least. The title, "New Samsung TV Watches You Watching It," may be a sufficient topic tip-off, but

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So a Guy Walks Into a Bar…

Today's news report admittedly isn't as verbose as the average, but I hope you'll still find it informative…or at least entertaining. At minimum, in contrast to some other embedded vision applications (and products targeting them) that I've written about to date, which have a futuristic (and, dare I say, speculative) aspect, the near-term, practical aspects

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Facial Recognition: Increasing Adoption, Coupled With Privacy-Fueled Rebellion

As yesterday's post noted, embedded vision applications are rapidly broadening their reach beyond historical niches into widespread-adoption areas. Sometimes, this expansion occurs with the enthusiastic support of those being affected by it. Other times, though, the reaction isn't quite as sanguine. Such is the seeming case with facial recognition, which is the topic of an

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