Former EDN Magazine Senior Technical Editor takes a key role in empowering design engineers to harness embedded computer vision technology.

Oakland, California, August 2, 2011 — After 14 years with EDN magazine, award-winning journalist Brian Dipert has joined the Embedded Vision Alliance as Editor-in-Chief of the Alliance’s website, www.embedded-vision.com. In his role, Brian will be responsible for providing high- quality information, practical know-how, and insights on embedded computer vision technology and applications. Brian brings broad experience spanning many sectors of the electronics industry as well as a passion for new technology and a compelling communications style.

“Along with many others, I’ve followed and admired Brian’s work for years,” said Jeff Bier, president of BDTI and founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance. “Brian has an exceptional track record of engaging an engineering audience and delivering timely and insightful analysis. In his new role with the Embedded Vision Alliance, Brian will continue to engage and inform engineers— but now with a focus on the exciting field of embedded vision. BDTI is thrilled to be able to bring Brian’s talents to bear on behalf of the Alliance in its mission to inspire and empower engineers to incorporate embedded vision technology into their products.”

“This is a time of many changes in our industry,” commented Brian Dipert. “Fueled by advances in processors, sensors, and algorithms, I believe that computer vision is poised to make the leap from niche technology to widespread use across many applications. I’m excited to have the opportunity to help expand awareness and expertise in embedded vision technology throughout the industry, and I’m eagerly anticipating the amazing vision-enabled products that will emerge in the coming years.”

The Embedded Vision Alliance was launched in May of 2011 and currently comprises 17 member companies: Analog Devices, Apical, Avnet Electronics Marketing, BDTI, CEVA, CogniVue, Freescale, IMS Research, Intel, MathWorks, NVIDIA, National Instruments, Texas Instruments, Tokyo Electron Device, Xilinx, XIMEA, and XMOS. The first project of the Embedded Vision Alliance is the website www.embedded-vision.com. The site serves as a source of practical information to help design engineers understand the potential of embedded vision and incorporate vision capabilities in their designs. The Alliance’s future plans include newsletters, educational webinars, technology standards, and other related activities. The content provided on the Alliance web site is free to all, and is created through member and industry contributions and support. Membership information is also available at the site.

About the Embedded Vision Alliance (www.embedded-vision.com):
Founded in 2011 and led by BDTI (www.BDTI.com), the Alliance is an industry collaboration to transform the electronics industry with products that are more intelligent and aware of their environments. It is a membership-based entity dedicated to inspiring and empowering embedded system designers to use embedded vision technology. A key means of achieving this is providing system design engineers with the practical information they need in order to effectively incorporate embedded vision technology into their designs.


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