Attendees at the 2012 HOT CHIPS symposium recently learned about Analog Devices’ new BF60x family of video and vision processors and their associated capabilities. Robert Bushey, principal architect and technologist, Embedded Systems Products and Technology Business Unit, presented about the BF60x family at the gathering, which is one of the semiconductor industry’s leading conferences on high-performance microprocessors and related integrated circuits.

Bushey’s presentation centered on demonstrating that ADI is capable of delivering complex, high performance, and market-oriented processors. “Our challenge was to architect, implement, and fabricate a processor that would not exceed approximately one watt, achieve very high performance including 25 billion operations per second or 25 GigaOps of Pipelined Vision Processor throughput, utilize little or no bandwidth in camera pipelined mode, provide required vision processing functionality, and address a very cost sensitive market,” reported Bushey during his presentation. “The successful outcome is the BF60x family of video and vision processors, which feature a combination of performance, power, and efficiency to enable many real-time embedded vision applications that would not have been possible previously.”

As ADI looks to establish itself as a player in the vision marketplace, the company’s participation in the HOT CHIPS conference represented an important step. Said Bushey, “The outcome of my presentation was a lot of great discussion about the BF60x family, as well as Pipelined Vision Processor intellectual property in general. The innovations in our function level processing, in particular, were recognized by many industry colleagues in attendance. Ultimately, ADI’s presence at the HOT CHIPS symposium built the company’s credibility in this space by demonstrating our commitment to, and investment in, vision focused digital signal processing technologies.”

ADI’s BF60x family is designed for a wide variety of applications, such as automotive driver assistance, industrial machine vision, and security and surveillance. ADI's presentation ends at ~30:55 in this video.

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