April 2013 Embedded Vision Summit Technical Presentation: “Challenges and Opportunities in Accelerating OpenCV,” José Alvarez, Xilinx

José Alvarez, Engineering Director for Video Technology at Xilinx, presents the "Challenges and Opportunities in Accelerating OpenCV" tutorial within the "Developing Vision Software, Accelerators and Systems" technical session at the April 2013 Embedded Vision Summit. Computer vision continues to see increased adoption across a wide variety of applications. The industry's trend towards the incorporation of Smarter Vision capabilities is driving the need for ever more intelligent algorithms that are capable of image understanding.

OpenCV is an open source computer vision library aimed at real time image processing which serves as convenient and efficient starting point for developing systems incorporating Smarter Vision capabilities. Industry trends toward larger image sizes, faster frame rates and increased functionality provide the motivation for accelerating image processing functions in hardware within the OpenCV framework. This presentation explores the challenges and opportunities in creating embedded vision applications that require real-time performance which is achieved through a combination of software and hardware based libraries.

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