October 2013 Embedded Vision Summit Technical Presentation: “Feature Detection: How It Works, When to Use It, and a Sample Implementation,” Marco Jacobs, videantis

Marco Jacobs, Technical Marketing Director at videantis, presents the "Feature Detection: How It Works, When to Use It, and a Sample Implementation" tutorial within the "Object and Feature Detection" technical session at the October 2013 Embedded Vision Summit East.

Feature detection and tracking are key components of many computer vision applications. In this talk, Jacobs gives an overview of commonly used feature detectors, and explains in detail how the Harris feature detector works. He then presents a pyramidal implementation of the Lucas-Kanade algorithm to track these features across a series of images. Finally, he shows how videantis has optimized and parallelized the OpenCV versions of these algorithms, resulting in a real-time, power efficient embedded implementation on a videantis unified video/vision processor.

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