April 2013 Embedded Vision Summit Technical Presentation: “Porting Applications to High-Performance Imaging DSPs,” Chris Rowen, Cadence

Chris Rowen, Fellow at Cadence and Founder of Tensilica, presents the "Porting Applications to High-Performance Imaging DSPs" tutorial within the "Developing Vision Software, Accelerators and Systems" technical session at the April 2013 Embedded Vision Summit. Rowen discusses the challenges of porting and tuning applications to a high-performance imaging DSP.  An imaging-specific DSP can make a huge difference in the performance of computationally intensive algorithms. But you can’t expect to just quickly port those algorithms–you need to tune them. A Bilateral Filter example is given where a 123x speedup was first determined, but after tuning the speedup increased to 300x. Software development environments are also discussed.

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