Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance, presents the "Computer Vision 2.0: Where We Are and Where We're Going" plenary session at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit.

Computer vision has rapidly transitioned from a research topic with few commercial applications to a mainstream technology with applications in virtually every sector of our economy. But what we are seeing today is just the beginning. In this presentation, Embedded Vision Alliance founder Jeff Bier presents an insider's view of the state of computer vision technology and applications today, and predictions on how the field will evolve in the next few years. Jeff explores the impact of game-changing technologies such as deep neural networks, ultra-low-power processors, and cloud-based vision services. He highlights new products and applications that illuminate what we can expect from visually intelligent devices in the near future.

Here you’ll find a wealth of practical technical insights and expert advice to help you bring AI and visual intelligence into your products without flying blind.



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