Stefan Heck, CEO and co-founder of NAUTO, presents the "Making Existing Cars Smart Via Embedded Vision and Deep Learning" tutorial at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit.

NAUTO is a system that consists of a device, network and app. It's an affordable way to upgrade any car to get network and safety features previously available only in high-end luxury cars. The NAUTO device is easy to install in any vehicle. It contains powerful video cameras and sensors that capture data inside and outside the car. It warns the driver of dangers in real time, and networks with other vehicles to provide traffic information by lane, a view of available street parking and warnings about road hazards.

In this presentation, Heck explains how NAUTO is using deep learning, computer vision and embedded processors to bring sophisticated new capabilities to existing vehicles. Initial NAUTO deployments are already producing insights to help drivers and fleet operators save time, money and potentially lives. In addition, NAUTO is piloting technology with insurance industry partners that is designed to help mitigate risk, reduce accidents and improve efficiency.

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