“The Perspective Transform in Embedded Vision,” a Presentation from Cadence

Shrinivas Gadkari, Design Engineering Director, and Aditya Joshi, Lead Design Engineer, both of Cadence, present the “Perspective Transform in Embedded Vision” tutorial at the May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit.

This presentation focuses on the perspective transform and its role in many state-of-the-art embedded vision applications like video stabilization, high dynamic range (HDR) imaging and super resolution imaging. The perspective transform accurately recomputes an image as seen from a different camera position (perspective). Following an introduction to this transform, Gadkari and Joshi explain its applicability in applications which involve joint processing of multiple frames taken from slightly different camera positions.

They then discuss considerations for efficient implementation of this transform on an embedded processor. Gadkari and Joshi highlight the computational challenge posed by the division operation involved in a canonical implementation of the perspective transform. Finally, they describe a division-free modification of the perspective transform which achieves a 3X reduction in processing cycles for typical use cases.

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