Leading Self-Driving Technology Vendor Will Display Software, Simulator and Hardware IP in Booth 4A-625

Budapest, Hungary, February 19, 2019 – AImotive, the comprehensive automated driving technology provider, will showcase its concepts for the future of automated driving on embedded platforms in Hall 4A booth 625 at Embedded World 2019 in Nüremberg, Germany 26–28 February. Key modules of the recently announced next generation modular self-driving software stack, aiDrive, will be demonstrated running on the Nvidia Drive PX2 platform. AImotive’s new vehicle system simulator aiSim, launched at CES 2019, will also be on display featuring a new purpose-built physics-accurate simulation and rendering engine. A silicon implementation of AImotive’s aiWare hardware IP will also be shown, developed by Verisilicon using GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX process, demonstrating the potential power and performance benefits of highly optimized NN hardware acceleration.

To emphasize its drive for maximizing collaboration in the automated driving industry, AImotive has designed its toolbox of technologies for the development of self-driving technologies in a modular and highly scalable way. This allows OEMs, Tier1s and robotaxi providers to mix and match AImotive’s technologies with their existing solutions to create more advanced, cost-competitive and safer automated driving systems. Thanks to this flexibility, the company’s partners and customers are able to utilize the modular architecture of aiDrive, and the aiSim verification platform, to create productizable automated driving systems faster.

“Mature production-ready embedded solutions will become increasingly important for OEMs as more advanced autonomous vehicles enter production,” said Peter Kovács, Chief Product Officer. “At Embedded World we are showcasing how AImotive has built a range of scalable self-driving solutions based on our highly modular and comprehensive software toolkits. Our customers are able to mix and match their capabilities with ours to create complete, differentiated embedded solutions faster, empowering our growing ecosystem of customers and partners throughout the supply chain.”

Current automotive-grade hardware platforms lack the performance to accelerate full self-driving software stacks. While AImotive has taken strides forward preparing its solutions for embedded hardware platforms with aiDrive2, the company believes wider industry collaboration is vital to achieve true autonomy in volume production. To demonstrate what is possible on today’s platforms, selected modules of aiDrive2 will be displayed showcasing a limited implementation of the self-driving software on Nvidia’s Drive PX2 embedded platform.

Beyond aiDrive this is showcased in the aiSim2 simulator. Also on display at the booth, the new simulator can drastically accelerate the development of autonomous technologies while overcoming the limitations of game engine-based simulators through the ability to ensure deterministic physically-based rendering on any hardware setup. Due to its modular architecture selected modules of aiSim can also easily be integrated into other existing simulation solutions.

The company’s unique neural network accelerator hardware IP, aiWare, will also be on show at Embedded World. Created through a partnership between AImotive, VeriSilicon and Global Foundries, the chip accelerates any CNN, including AImotive’s own proprietary networks, while consuming 10x-20x less power than a state-of-the-art GPU executing the same task at the same speed. The highly scalable aiWare architecture can be licensed for a wide range of embedded use cases, including smart sensor, sensor fusion engines, or central compute clusters for automated driving platforms.

Experts from AImotive will be on-hand to discuss its next-generation products in Hall 4A at booth 625 throughout the duration of the show.

About AImotive:

AImotive is one of the largest independent teams in the world working towards fully self-driving car technology. Our unique toolset is engineered to answer all the challenges of autonomous mobility, powered by advanced artificial intelligence, simulation technology, and supporting hardware architectures. This comprehensive approach to self-driving car technology allows our team to develop systems quickly in the safest possible way.

AImotive is at the forefront of open collaboration for autonomous driving, partnering with the Khronos Group to develop the Neural Network Exchange Format (NNEF), the first neural network data exchange standard to make communication easier and more reliable between AI toolsets and inference engines.

AImotive is a privately held company, headquartered in Budapest with offices in Mountain View, California, Helsinki, Finland, and Tokyo, Japan. The company was granted licenses to test their self-driving vehicle fleet in Hungary, Finland and the states of California and Nevada. Follow @AImotive on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or learn more at www.aimotive.com.

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