“Shifts in the Automated Driving Industry,” a Presentation from AImotive

László Kishonti, CEO of AImotive, presents the "Shifts in the Automated Driving Industry" tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

2018 will have a lasting effect on the self-driving industry, as key stakeholders have turned from the unattainable goal of full autonomy by 2021 to more realistic development and productization roadmaps. This will in turn result in consolidation in the automated driving industry, which is currently too fragmented. To realize self- driving and gain regulatory, consumer and (in the case of startups) investor trust, Kishonti suggests in this presentation, the walled-garden approaches of the industry must change to a more collaborative approach.

To support collaboration, cooperation and standardization, companies must adapt the way they create their software solutions and move to more modular designs. The companies with the most effective and meaningful collaborations will be the ones that survive the inevitable consolidation of the automated driving industry.

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