“What’s Changing in Autonomous Vehicle Investments Worldwide — and Why?,” a Presentation from Woodside Capital Partners

Rudy Burger, Managing Partner at Woodside Capital Partners, presents the "What’s Changing in Autonomous Vehicle Investments Worldwide—and Why?" tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

So far, over $100B has been invested by industry into the development of autonomous vehicles (AVs), and the pace of investment has recently accelerated. In this talk, Burger presents extensive data and analysis showing how this capital is being allocated among different categories of companies, including the autonomous vehicle makers themselves and the developers of enabling technologies such as sensors, AI software and AI processors.

Burger also shows how the flows of AV investment capital are shifting worldwide. He examines the regulatory forces at work in different parts of the world and their likely impact on investment capital, and analyzes the impact of the U.S. government’s recent foreign-investment-related actions on investments in U.S. AV companies. Finally, he discusses where the AV market is today relative to Gartner’s “hype curve” and how long it will likely take the market participants to start generating returns on invested capital.

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