July 9, 2019 – Imagine you’re relaxing on your summer vacation, idle thoughts passing through your mind as you soak up the sun. You get an alert on your phone telling you somebody has been detected moving around your house. You swipe up to check out a clip — it’s just your neighbor stopping by to water the plants, just like you asked. You press play on your music, lay back, and continue enjoying the sun.

Helping customers deliver AI-powered experiences that simplify their life

Previously, AI technology capable of providing that level of peace-of-mind was out of reach for most because it required the expense and the hassle of a hardware replacement. Today, the power of edge AI became accessible to millions of Wyze customers. A simple free firmware update can make each of their installed cameras capable of new sophisticated features. What made that possible? The integration of Xnor’s ultra-efficient and low-power AI capabilities with Wyze’s line of already deployed affordable smart home products.

Xnor’s edge AI is at the heart of Person Detection, a new feature for Wyze Cams that automatically identifies when people appear in the camera’s field of view. When Xnor’s technology detects a person, Wyze Cam can push an optional notification to the Wyze app, delivering real-time actionable alerts to owners. Users can finally get rid of “notification fatigue” by silencing repetitive or unnecessary motion notifications. And because their Wyze cam can now classify a person in the frame, users can quickly sort through captured videos to surface their most interesting clips featuring people.

Xnor-powered Person Detection notifications

As Scott Wilson, Wyze Director of Marketing put it,

“Improved notifications was one of those highly requested features so our team went to battle figuring out how we could deliver complex AI on a quality, but highly-accessible $20 camera. Turns out, the answer to this big problem was right down the street from us with our new partner, Xnor.ai.”

Investment in AI, not in expensive hardware

Because Xnor can design and run edge AI models that are so lightweight we were able to enable these features on-device for millions of Wyze consumers with a simple firmware update. Wyze did not need to invest in new or expensive hardware, allowing them to maintain their disruptive price of $20 a camera without the need to introduce expensive subscriptions to cover cloud costs.

Hardware teardown of the Wyze Cam

This is one of the key advantages of Xnor’s approach to edge AI — we work with our customers to help them augment their existing infrastructure or deployed customer devices with the intelligence of our models and algorithms. The outcome is that our customers reap the benefits of AI in a way that is quick, efficient and minimally disruptive to their business and their users.

State-of-the-art AI at scale

The commercial proof that you can now run state-of-the-art AI on simple, low-cost devices at scale is changing the landscape of what consumers can expect from smart products and at what price point. This opens countless new opportunities for the consumer electronics industry to offer a range of AI-powered capabilities, designed to run on-device, without having to upgrade existing hardware, drain computing power or use any bandwidth. For product companies, that means a faster and less expensive way to incorporate advanced AI on virtually any solution they create. More importantly, for people, it means greater accessibility to technology that can impact our lives.

What’s next?

This integration with Wyze represents an exciting step in Xnor’s mission to reshape the way we live, work and play by enabling AI everywhere, for everyone, on every device — from cameras and cars to everything in-between.

Learn more about the technology behind this partnership in our technical blog post


About Xnor.ai

Xnor.ai (Xnor) is helping reshape the way we live, work and play by enabling AI everywhere, on every device. As the company that first proved it was possible to run state-of-the-art AI on resource strained compute platforms, today Xnor helps organizations add AI functionality to their products — powering a new generation of smart solutions for existing and new markets. Xnor’s patented edge AI technology has upended traditional AI, resulting in billions of devices and products being AI-optimized — from battery operated cameras, to complex manufacturing machinery, and automobiles. Xnor’s mission is to make AI accessible by freeing it from the cloud, data centers and the limits of internet connectivity and enabling a world where AI is available in billions of products, everywhere for everyone.


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