“Sensory Fusion for Scalable Indoor Navigation,” a Presentation from Brain Corp

Oleg Sinyavskiy, Director of Research and Development at Brain Corp, presents the “Sensory Fusion for Scalable Indoor Navigation” tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

Indoor autonomous navigation requires using a variety of sensors in different modalities. Merging together RGB, depth, lidar and odometry data streams to achieve autonomous operation requires a fusion of sensory data. In this talk, Sinyavskiy describes his company’s sensor-pack agnostic sensory fusion approach, which allows it to take advantage of the latest in sensor technology to achieve robust, safe and performant perception across a large fleet of industrial robots. He explains how Brain Corp addressed a number of sensory fusion challenges such as robust and safe obstacle detection, fusing geometric and semantic information and dealing with moving people and sensory blind spots.

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