Liran Bar, Director of Product Marketing at Hailo, delivers a product demonstration at the January 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. Specifically, Bar demonstrates the high efficiency performance of the Hailo-8 across multi use cases and with the collaboration with Foxconn, Socionext and AAEON.

The demos include:

  1. HD (1280 x 720) Object detection (MobileNet-SSD) @ 0.4W.
  2. Multi-stream object detection: 12 video streams, each is 300×300 running on a single Hailo-8 device @1W.
  3. Full HD (1920 x 1080) Semantic Segmentation (FCN-16) @1.1W.
  4. Multi video streams running on Foxconn BoxiEdge using a single Hailo-8 M.2 module and Socionext SynQuacer SC2A11 as the host processor.
  5. Multi pose estimation running on AAEON VPC-5600S using a single Hailo-8 mPCIe module.

The Hailo-8 DL processor for edge devices features up to 26 TOPS and significantly outperforms all other edge processors, with area and power efficiency far superior to other leading solutions by a considerable order of magnitude, and ­all at a small size (including the required memory).

A version of the video with Japanese subtitles included is here:

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