“Accelerating Time to an Image Processing Prototype,” a Presentation from Avnet

Adam Taylor, Founder and Principal Consultant at Adiuvo Engineering and Training, along with Dan Rozwood, Engineer, and Kevin Keryk, Software Engineering Manager and Machine Learning Specialist, both of Avnet, present the “Accelerating Time to an Image Processing Prototype” tutorial at the September 2020 Embedded Vision Summit.

In this Over-the-Shoulder session, you will learn how you can go from an initial concept/architecture of an embedded vision design to demonstrating application and algorithm feasibility using off-the-shelf prototyping systems from Avnet and Xilinx. The session demonstrates key steps used to create a viable prototype using the Ultra96-V2 and Xilinx solutions:

  • Creation of an image processing pipeline using Vivado
  • Testing the image processing pipeline on the Ultra96 using an open-source Python-based framework and OpenCV with the Dual MIPI Board and MIPI cameras running algorithms on the processor cores
  • Acceleration of the vision algorithm using Vitis and OpenCL to create a final application

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