Austin, Texas – May 3, 2021 – COHERENT LOGIX announced today that it will participate in the 2021 Embedded Vision Summit, the premier event for innovators adding computer vision and AI to products. This year’s Summit will be 100% online, where attendees will be able to watch presentations, ask questions of speakers, visit the virtual exhibitors, see live demos of products and interact with vendors—all on a seamless virtual platform. This annual event brings together a global audience of companies developing leading-edge, vision-enabled products, including embedded systems, cloud solutions and mobile applications. Coherent Logix will showcase its 4th generation processor and software framework for use in commercial AI applications.

This will be the second year that Coherent Logix has participated in this well-designed event. They are also a member of the Edge AI & Vision Alliance, the organization that hosts this event and are looking forward to a Summit as successful as last year’s—full of education, learning, networking and opportunities to highlight its products and services.

Founded in 2011, the Edge AI and Vision Alliance is a worldwide industry partnership that brings together technology providers who are enabling innovative and practical applications for edge AI and computer vision. Its 100+ Member companies include suppliers of processors, sensors, software and services. The Alliance has sponsored the Summit for over 10 years, and it now draws over 1200 attendees and is the place for innovation and learning in the vision and AI sector.

The event will feature industry innovators, top technologists and engineers who are designing products using computer vision and visual AI for a wide range of industries, including automotive, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, robotics and security. For more information, or to register, visit www.embeddedvisionsummit.com.

As part of the Summit’s agenda, Coherent Logix will be hosting an “Over-the-Shoulder” tutorial featuring Eugene Mezhibovsky (bio below):

“Using hxGraph and OpenCV to Implement Industrial Inspection Applications on the HyperX™ Processor”

hxGraph is a high-level tool that enables users to develop computer vision applications using the OpenCV APIs and then target the application to run on the high-performance HyperX embedded processor.

In this tutorial, Eugene will demonstrate the software framework (OpenCV) using an industrial inspection application. He will show the construction of the processing pipeline in OpenCV using Python and run the application on the host computer. Then he will target the HyperX processor and execute the same processing without having to write any new code. Eugene will then demonstrate both processing computer-hosted images and streaming GigE Vision camera images directly to HyperX. He will also show performance benchmarks such as latency and throughput for the application.

Coherent Logix will also display two demonstrations at the event:

“Ultra-low Latency Industrial Inspection at the Edge using the HyperX Processor”

In this demo Coherent Logix will show how the HyperX Memory Network parallel processor is used to enable ultra-low latency industrial inspection of food products. They will use a simulated line scan acquisition and then an OpenCV based algorithm to segment, label, and perform a feature-based determination of quality. This will be done at line rates and within a power budget that enables embedding the processing in the camera.

“Virtual Surround View Fire detection using DNN and the HyperX Processor”

In this demo Coherent Logix will show the detection of fire using a Deep Neural Network and a virtual 360-degree view of an environment. Four HD cameras with wide angle lens will stream data into a HyperX processor that will generate a virtual view from any perspective around the space. The virtual view will be swept around the space and fed to a DNN based fire detection network to monitor the area.

Eugene Mezhibovsky Bio

 Eugene Mezhibovsky’s role at Coherent Logix covers broad aspects of software development and system integration, including writing requirements and specifications for real-time systems and applications, design and implementation of infrastructure and frameworks, and providing guidance to programmers about the best ways to utilize HyperX Processor features and capabilities. His primary focus is on enabling computer vision (ISP, AI) applications on HyperX Processors. Eugene has 20+ years of combined experience in hardware-software interfaces, embedded systems, hardware and software architecture, hardware abstraction layers, communication protocols, computer vision, neural networks, wireless, audio and other applications.

About Coherent Logix

Coherent Logix is the local leader in programmable processors for embedded systems. We are a talented and diverse group of professionals comprised of respected leaders and brilliant minds. As world-leading innovators, we have been developing industry-changing technology and delivering maximum value to our customers for decades.

Our differentiator is our revolutionary platform and groundbreaking products which provide unprecedented solutions to longstanding problems, shifting the expectations of the entire electronics industry. Our focus markets are Media, 5G, Computer Vision/AI, Military/Aerospace and IoT Home, though the capabilities of our platform extend into an endless array of products. Simply put, we are pioneering the future of embedded systems.

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