Taufkirchen, 05. May 2021 – Back by popular demand, and for the third time FRAMOS – a global partner for vision technologies – is offering an online training course on the Colour Pipeline of a Digital Camera. This course is targeted at designers, development engineers, and test engineers who work with colour cameras. This technically oriented, two-day online course will be held on July 5-6, 2021, from 9.00am to 5.00pm (CEST) daily. This course will cover all relevant aspects of the colour pipeline – specifically, how to obtain a beautiful colour image from the signal delivered by a sensor. Specialists who are interested in understanding the colour pipeline of a digital camera will find their questions answered in this course. The course will be instructed in English, sign up today as spaces are limited.

The online course will be held for a third time, as the colour pipeline is currently one of the hottest topics among imaging users in the industry. The course provides answers to the most important questions on this topic. Preliminary feedback shows that the courses were a great success, and highly relevant. Majority of the participants praised the application-oriented presentation given by the speaker and gave the course a great rating based on a balanced mix of theory and practice. Discussions about automatic white balance and dark current compensation was also met with great interest.

One of the most renowned experts in the field of image processing – Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen – gives a brief overview of the sensors and the lens, before diving into the details of a “standard” colour pipeline. Participants will receive an introduction to the colour pipeline, which is essential to produce a colour image. They will discover where the shortcomings in camera systems are, and what can be done to correct those shortcomings. They will also learn about the influence of noise on the various parts of a colour pipeline and how they interact.

Event Details

When: July 5-6, 2021

Where: Online via Zoom

Language: English

Price: 699€

Registration: https://imaging.framos.com/en/trainings/colour-pipeline-of-a-camera/

About The Speaker

Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen is one of the most renowned experts on image sensors. As a professor at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, he researches and teaches in the field of CMOS image sensors. After many years as CTO and Chief Scientist at DALSA, he started his own company, Harvest Imaging, focusing on training, coaching, and teaching in the field of solid-state imaging technology. Prof. Dr. Theuwissen received the Society for Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Fuji Gold medal for his contributions to research, development, and education.


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