September 08, 2021–SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Efinix®, an innovator in programmable product platforms and technology, today announced AEC-Q100 qualification for several members of its popular Trion® line of FPGAs and a major initiative to extend both its Trion and Titanium product lines into automotive markets.

The first products to be released with AEC-Q100 qualification are the Trion T13 and T20 FPGAs in the F169 and F256 packages. These popular devices feature a rich mix of I/O and embedded MIPI CSI-2 controllers, making them ideal for vision and display systems. AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualification will enlarge the available market space for these devices and will pave the way for their adoption in automotive applications.

“With the increasing levels of technology in modern vehicles, the automotive semiconductor market is growing rapidly,” said Mark Oliver, VP of Marketing at Efinix. “Our drive to bring AEC-Q100 qualification to the Efinix portfolio of FPGAs demonstrates our commitment to bringing the renowned Efinix quality and our revolutionary performance and efficiency to the automotive market.”

As Efinix continues to expand its portfolio of AEC-Q100 qualified devices to Titanium FPGAs, the unprecedented power, performance, and area (PPA) advantages of these devices will be made available with the same qualification standard. This rollout will expand usage of the high-performance, ultra-low power Titanium family in new markets. The growing portfolio of AEC-Q100 qualified devices forms the foundation of a comprehensive automotive strategy that includes the goal of ISO-26262 certification to complement AEC-Q100 qualification in automotive designs.

“Automotive applications demand assurance of quality by design and longevity in harsh environments,” said Ming Ng, SVP of Operations and Applications at Efinix. “Delivering AEC-Q100 qualification across our product portfolio and working to achieve ISO-26262 certification as part of our comprehensive automotive initiative demonstrates our commitment to delivering the level of quality that is designed into every Efinix product.”

T13F169, T13F256, T20F169, and T20F256 devices with AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualification are available immediately.

About Efinix

Efinix®, an innovator in programmable products, is committed to delivering the low power and reconfigurability of its high-performance Titanium FPGA silicon platforms for applications in the mainstream market. Efinix FPGAs deliver power, performance, and area advantages over traditional FPGA technologies, unlocking new applications and delivering rapid time to market. Titanium devices range from 35K to 1M logic elements, have a small form-factor, low-power, and are priced for high-volume production. The Efinity® Integrated Development Environment provides a complete FPGA design suite from RTL to bitstream.

For more information, visit http://www.efinixinc.com.

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